Scarleteers Podcast Episode 10 – Richard James

We have our first S2 guest, Richard James who will play the character of Salisbury in the first episode of the new season.

But we don’t talk S2 just yet (no spoilers!).

Richard is not only an accomplished actor but also a multitalented writer. We especially recommend his “Bowman of the Yard” series to all lovers of Victorian crime fiction!

We talk with Richard about acting and writing in the world of Victorian England, dive into his many projects and how that gives him a unique perspective into the Victorian world of Miss Scarlet & The Duke.

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Victorian Kissing & Courtship

One thing that we Scarleteers love about our favourite show is the romantic tension between the two leads. When two actors are put together and they exhibit great chemistry on screen, it is magical. We certainly have that with Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin!  But the setting of Victorian England makes the possibility of public displays of affection (PDAs) a bit unlikely between Eliza and William. Kissing in public was considered vulgar for the time, compared to today when it’s common to see couples locking lips at the bus stop. But leave it to the Victorians to find ways around it.

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Victorian Death Photography


Momento mori – literally meaning “remember you must die”- was a strong idea in the Victorian age. Diseases and death were rampant and a common thing in the Victorian age. A child was hard pressed to live past the age of five and if they did, the life expectancy wasn’t that far past forty. While it may seem creepy or macabre to photography a dead loved one, this was a way to remember and to possibly lessen one’s grief for the beloved.

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Victorian Views on Homosexuality

Our dear Rupert proposes an idea to Eliza that they marry in name only. That there won’t be any children of their union and any activities to create said children. He doesn’t want to marry yet and he doesn’t want to marry because he’s gay. We find out in episode two that he belongs to a discreet club of like-minded men and Eliza pledges to always keep it a secret. We find out threw context clues that William and probably Moses knows as well. And no one cares! Is this a true sense of the times or just a storytelling plot point?

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Suffrage Movement

Even though women got the right to vote in England in 1918, the suffrage movement was active long before that. We know that the Victorian stance of women was that women were to be married and taking care of children, with their money and finances taken care of by the husband or a male relative.

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Victorian Education and Literacy

Before the Victorian era, education was for an idea considered for the wealthy. Younger children were first taught by governesses and when they reached a certain age they were sent to school. Wealthy family sent their children to prestigious schools, and it was segregated by sex. The boys often received a better education by being taught academic, athletics, and functional skills, while the girls were taught more domestic skills like sewing, needlepoint, art, and music.

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Scotland Yard

Great Scotland Yard, City of Westminster SW1 Road signage. This was the home of Scotland Yard, until it moved in 2016. Great Scotland Yard is a short road spanning between Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue. London, England, 2018
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Victorian Fashion

Eliza Scarlet is known for her sharp, well-tailored dresses and her keen fashion sense. But the world of Miss Scarlet & The Duke takes place in the 1880s. The Victorian Age lasts from 1840s-1890s. That’s sixty years of changing fashions and there was a lot going on in the world to influence and affect the fashion of those sixty years.

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