The following stories were created by fans of the TV show Miss Scarlet & the Duke and are not a part of the original works of said show. These authors do not have ownership over the characters, created by Rachael New, nor are they making any money from these stories. They have merely raided Ms New’s toybox and are playing with them for their own amusement and while we all wait impatiently for Season 2.


I’m Dreaming of a Scarlet Christmas

Auntdinaner & KallyKnits

Practice Makes Perfect


Ho ho ho & Mistletoe & Kisses for Pretty Girls

An Leanabh Againn


Mistletoe Can Be Deadly

Santa Baby, So Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight


Something Sweet


A Tale of Files and Kisses


The Christmas Fête

Behind the Crates

A Tale of Two Thieves


Rain & Embers

Snow & Flame

Ice & Fire

Twas the night before Kissmas