Scarleteers Podcast Episode 8 – Rupert Parker / Andrew Gower

We are starting of the new year with a bit of a surprise!

Who better to have a chat about Eliza Scarlet‘s best friend and investor Rupert Parker with than the actor himself who portrayed him so beautifully in Season 1?

Thank you so much, Andrew Gower, for joining us, for your insights and the laughs! 💙

As always you can listen to the Scarleteers Podcast by clicking the link in the menu on the top of the page or wherever you usually listen to your Podcasts (Audible, iTunes, Spotify, etc).

For more information on Andrew’s first band Emerson and upcoming projects with The Gustaffsons and Humpty Fu*king Dumpty visit or follow Andrew Gower Fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy New Year, Scarleteers!

Your Podcasters,
Amanda, Lynsey & Isabel

Victorian Views on Homosexuality

Our dear Rupert proposes an idea to Eliza that they marry in name only. That there won’t be any children of their union and any activities to create said children. He doesn’t want to marry yet and he doesn’t want to marry because he’s gay. We find out in episode two that he belongs to a discreet club of like-minded men and Eliza pledges to always keep it a secret. We find out threw context clues that William and probably Moses knows as well. And no one cares! Is this a true sense of the times or just a storytelling plot point?

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