Season 1 Repeating on Alibi Channel

In the run-up to the much anticipated Season 2 premiere, Alibi Channel are repeating all episodes of Season 1 of Miss Scarlet & The Duke to give audience members are chance to discover or re-discover the series.

  • 04 June 2022, 5:40pm – 1×01 Inheritance
  • 04 June 2022, 6:45pm – 1×02 The Woman in Red
  • 04 June 2022, 7:55pm – 1×03 Deeds not Words
  • 05 June 2022, 5:40pm – 1×04 Memento Mori
  • 05 June 2022, 6:45pm – 1×05 Cell 99
  • 05 June 2022, 7:55pm – 1×06 The Case of Henry Scarlet

Alibi Channel’s TV Guide is updated daily (currently available until Monday, 06 June 2022) and so far it doesn’t reveal a date for Season 2, but we are hopeful to find out more in the next week or two.

Season 2 of Miss Scarlet & The Duke will air on PBS | Masterpiece this fall and is expected to be released later this year or in early 2023 in the following countries and respective channels:

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Scarleteer Flash Fiction Spring Challenge

Roll up, Roll up! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a Miss Scarlet and the Duke Fan Fiction?  Well here is your chance.  The Flash Fiction Spring Writing Challenge is to write a 500 word story using one or more of the below prompts.

1. “Must you disagree with everything that I say?”


2.  “I’m not leaving you”

Or use either of the below images:

If you include a character saying one of the above lines, it doesn’t have to be said by William, or in the same context as the show, and any characters from the show can be included.

All works should be completed by the 1st May for uploading to the Scarleteer website.  If you’re not part of the Scarleteer Facebook Group you can still enter, by sending your story to our e-mail


  • Choose your phrase or photo out of the above. 
  • If using a photo, write your story inspired by the photo so it can be included with your story.
  • If using a phrase, please use that phrase somewhere in the text – any character you choose may say the words, it does not have to be the same person as in the show, and in any context.
  • Max 500 words per story.
  • Max 2 stories per person, including collaborations. Each collaboration counts as one story for each writer.
  • Please carefully edit your stories to the best of your abilities – they will not be edited by the organizers. Asking a friend to read before submitting is highly recommended.
  • Deadline: May 1, 2022 11:59 p.m. GMT or EST
  • Stories will be posted to the Scarleteers website by May 5.
  • If relevant, by May 10, you may post your own stories to any fanfiction site of your choice, including Archive of Our Own (AO3) and/or
  • Please keep all stories family-friendly – a maximum rating of PG-13. Any stories with inappropriate or explicit language and content will not be posted on the Scarleteers website as part of the challenge. The same rules of behavior for the Scarleteers Facebook page are applicable. The Scarleteers website may be found at
  • Have FUN!!


Two years ago today, 31 March 2020, Miss Scarlet and the Duke aired on Alibi Channel in the UK! Since then it’s been aired around the world and S2 has been filmed.

The Scarleteers Fan Group on Facebook was created, a Twitter and an Instagram page was made; The group grew to thousands and many lasting friendships have been made.

A podcast was created where episodes, characters, fan art, fan fiction, and the actors were discussed. The podcast even has had some actors from S1 on to discuss their characters and what it was like to be in the world of Eliza Scarlet and The Duke.

The Scarleteers created a website full of Scarleteer knowledge, and even created a page for Miss Scarlet and the Duke fan fiction, which was a hit (the authors are on their next challange as we speak.)

The Scarleteers have grown and grown and we appreciate all the love you fans have shown the show and the group. Congratulations on two years of Miss Scarlet and the Duke and we hope for many more!

Scarleteers Podcast Episode 10 – Richard James

We have our first S2 guest, Richard James who will play the character of Salisbury in the first episode of the new season.

But we don’t talk S2 just yet (no spoilers!).

Richard is not only an accomplished actor but also a multitalented writer. We especially recommend his “Bowman of the Yard” series to all lovers of Victorian crime fiction!

We talk with Richard about acting and writing in the world of Victorian England, dive into his many projects and how that gives him a unique perspective into the Victorian world of Miss Scarlet & The Duke.

Listen to the Scarleteers Podcast wherever podcasts are available or follow this link.

For all episodes follow the link in the menu above.

Useful Links:

Your Podcasters,
Amanda, Isabel & Lynsey

Scarleteers Podcast Episode 9 – Frank Jenkins / Danny Midwinter

This month we had the greatest pleasure (and fun!) talking to the roguish Danny Midwinter about the oddly loveable but underhanded Detective Frank Jenkins.

We hope you laugh as much as we did. ENJOY!!

As always you can listen to the Scarleteers Podcast by clicking the link in the menu on top or wherever you usually listen to your Podcasts (Audible, iTunes, Spotify, etc).

Your Podcasters,
Amanda, Lynsey & Isabel

Scarleteers Podcast Episode 8 – Rupert Parker / Andrew Gower

We are starting of the new year with a bit of a surprise!

Who better to have a chat about Eliza Scarlet‘s best friend and investor Rupert Parker with than the actor himself who portrayed him so beautifully in Season 1?

Thank you so much, Andrew Gower, for joining us, for your insights and the laughs! 💙

As always you can listen to the Scarleteers Podcast by clicking the link in the menu on the top of the page or wherever you usually listen to your Podcasts (Audible, iTunes, Spotify, etc).

For more information on Andrew’s first band Emerson and upcoming projects with The Gustaffsons and Humpty Fu*king Dumpty visit or follow Andrew Gower Fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy New Year, Scarleteers!

Your Podcasters,
Amanda, Lynsey & Isabel

Team Scarlet Holiday Greetings

Two leading ladies: Executive Producer Patty Ishihoto & Show Creator Rachael New

Scarleteers received a very special message from Team Scarlet’s leading ladies, Executive Producer Patty Ishimoto and Show Creator Rachael New, that we’re happy to share with all of you:

To the fabulous Scarleteers,
We wish you a very Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year 💫
With love and best wishes
Rachael and Patty

In addition, the Scarleteers were sent these exclusive video messages by some members of Team Scarlet. We hope you enjoy them and wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new SCARLET year!

Scarleteers Podcast Episode 5 – Eliza’s Family

In our latest episode of the Scarleteers Podcast, we talk about Eliza‘s family: her father Henry Scarlet and Ivy, housekeeper and surrogate mother.

We also discuss the two actors portraying these beloved characters, Kevin Doyle and Cathy Belton.

You can find all episodes of the Scarleteers Podcast wherever podcasts are available (iTunes, Audible, Spotify, etc) or by clicking on the Podcast link in the menu of this page.

We hope you enjoy it,

Your Podcast hosts,
Amanda, Lynsey & Bella